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Berenice is one of the sweetest people (other than my daughter-in-love) I've ever trained. She took my two-day seminar, and I wasn't quite sure if she was getting much out of it because she is also very quiet. 

Her testimonial blessed me so much--both written and video. In fact, I didn't edit out as much of her video testimonial because it was so good! 

This is so much more than your typical communications class.

Main result?

In the beginning when I first heard communications class I immediately thought of the communications class I took in the university. I was expecting to learn how to communicate with people around me better. Not only in the business industry, but also in my personal life. I wanted to improve my own communication skills because that is something I have always struggled with. I was also expecting to learn how to correctly communicate with people without causing confusion or misinterpretations. I tend to confuse people at times when talking to them and cannot get my point across clearly. Overall understand why people think the way they do. However, in the end this class exceeded my expectation of a university communication class and went much deeper than the usual tips to become successful in a business through communication.

Three benefits?

The first benefit is knowing how to distinguish people according to their personalities. I can now see why people react so different in several situations. There are people who react calmly (usually c's and s's) and people who want to take action immediately (d's and i's). I understand what drives each person according to their personality and what I can do to better understand people with different personalities in order to improve our interaction. A second benefit is knowing the tips and tricks when somebody is lying. These tips can help in the workforce and personally. These tips are very true and people actually do these things when lying. I personally use this method and can tell when someone is lying to me with the slightest movements or expressions. The third benefit in my opinion is non-verbal communication, which is very strong when communicating with others. A small facial expression can explain so much without words needed. As I interact with people on a daily basis I concentrate on their facial expressions and can tell how they are actually feeling and whether they agree or disagree with something.

Most surprising results?


The most surprising result was how I came to actually know my own personality, which helped me improve communication with others. I used to think I lacked communication skills because I wasn't a people person and also because of my accent. However, it wasn't because of that. In reality I communicated different based on my personality and the way I carry myself. I prefer to be in a comfortable zone and do not communicate well with pressure. I am the person that likes time to consider things and doesn't want to be rushed. As I attended class I would see how things would fall into place at work. Where before I was confused because I was lacking communication skills. Now I understood myself as a person in order to fix things that hurt communication with others. Overall, I was surprised how two trainings could implement so much knowledge and help me see others in a way to understand their way of being. Where before I would probably judge a person for being too happy or energetic. I now understand it is just their nature.

Favorite module?

I believe the first two modules are very important because it is very interesting to know people's behavior and these modules also help in several areas of a person's life. These modules are for the long term not just simple tips. An example was how to time block in order to save time and accomplish several things with good time management. People are always rushing and cannot balance many things at once. This is where time blocking comes in. Another example that benefits me personally is when communicating in the workforce. A quote that caught my attention was "You must FOCUS on HOW you're saying it not just WHAT you're saying." Sometimes when communicating with a client I tend to not focus on how fast or slow I am speaking or the tone of my voice. All these factors play an important role and this is how others form conclusions about a person, Especially clients.

Thoughts of instructor and suggested improvements…

I enjoyed this training very much and liked how we would have group discussions. It was interesting to know what everyone was thinking and understand the other person's point of view. It also created a positive and warming environment, which helped the group open up easier. I also enjoyed the activities in between because it was hands-on learning instead of just sitting in one spot. These activities helped me absorb information easier.

What would you say to anyone considering this training?

I would encourage the person to take this training because it opens our eyes to things we did not see before. This training helps understand others with different personalities better. We are considerate instead of just judging and blaming them for being a certain way. Overall, this training helps everyone grow as a person individually.

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