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Hello! Welcome to this week’s training and the final training of the year! Before getting into the training, I wanted to let you guys know that beginning in January, each fourth Wednesday of every month, I will be doing some training at the local Chamber of Commerce. These will be Fast 45 Lunch and Learns where I will train for 10-20 minutes and the rest of the time will be doing the work and strategizing for problems, issues, and questions in the business as a team. I might see about recording them as we do them. 

Ok, lets get busy. 

‘I know, my dear Watson, that you share my love of all that is bizarre and outside the conventions and humdrum routine of everyday life.
— Sherlock Holmes

One of the things I do when I meet with potential clients and really anyone is adapt myself to their personality as much as I can. If I know I’m meeting with an S personality I’m going to chit chat briefly to develop trust and I’ll take my time and not rush through the meeting. If I’m meeting with a C, I will also take my time but give details, details, details. With a D, I have a good idea they have already made up their mind and my job is to address any concerns and questions and set up the first day of training. And with I’s I know to have plenty of time to visit about nothing in particular. LOL. Actually, with I’s who are very intelligent, I need to be fun, enthusiastic, and highlight the “new and shiny” aspects of my service.

With this strategy and the success I’ve seen using it, I began to wonder if it’s possible to apply the same strategy to the “personality of a business or organization.” And then one of our Genius Community peeps, Victoria, had a great question: Is there a quick assessment for looking at a company’s personality so to speak? I.e. insight as to how they are perceived by prospective customers based on their market presence?” There was more to the question but this part stood out.

So I did quite a bit of research last night and tested my theory that it is indeed possible to research an organization to get a feel for their culture and what speaks to them based on the personality style and fascination advantage. 

Now when you have contact with a business or organization, you will not speak to the founder typically if it’s a large one. But know that the founders personality and fascination advantage will be the DNA of that organization and the culture is literally created from those two things among other things.  So it will be necessary to peg as close as possible the personality of the person you’re talking with but also speaking the “language” of that company.

You might wonder HOW to peg the personality. I train in the first video of my 3 part training PERSUADE WITHOUT SAYING A WORD exactly how to do that in 5-10 minutes. You can also get the workbook that shows how at geniuscommunication.org and click on FREE GIFT.

The Process

So here is the process I followed last night to test my theory and I invite you to test this out and lets see how effective it is. I tested this theory two ways: 1) with two websites of companies I know nothing about and 2) with 3 famous companies I am pretty sure I know the personalities of their CEOs and 1 local. 

My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know
— Sherlock Holmes
  1. Go to the site and look at the graphics and pictures. Savvy businesses will use the correct colors for the specific purpose of the site. For example, blues and greens are calmer colors and will cause people to spend more time looking around the site and reading. Reds, yellows, and oranges are action colors and obviously used to get people to take action! But the graphics used can be an indicator of the company’s personality. A cartoon type graphic can speak of the targeted age or the personality of the owner implying fun or family. For example look at this graphic at Camping Maxx’s website. The cartoon graphic and the “traditional” feel speaks of fun, family, and traditional wholesome American activities. The apple logo speaks of simplicity. Now on the pictures. C personalities DO NOT LIKE their picture being taken typically and especially don’t like being on the Internet. Some S’s are like this too. But a lack of personal pictures or even pictures of the owner tells me they might be a C or D. Usually D’s will at least have their pic on their. But C’s may not unless forced to or use a cartoon caricature of themselves. Pictures of lots of family and friends is probably an S or I because they love people. But S’s in particular love family. Notice the color of the clothing and presence of jewelry or anything flashy like hair color. C and S personalities like subdued colors. D personalities can be reserved in their dress too usually wearing black because they have no soul. LOL. Just kidding! You might see power colors like black and red. But I personalities LOVE COLOR, BLING, and FLASHY if a pure I. Plus it’s rare you won’t see an I smiling in pictures or doing goofy antics.
  2. Next go to the About Page. Look for specific words as a clue or lack of words. Few words is probably a D. They get straight to the point. For example, 4MAT, a learning and communication tool, is short, to the point, and no frills. This gives me an indication the founder might be a D personality. Back at Camping Maxx, you notice the explanation of “processes.” If you further look on this site, you see in the blog and other blogs the owner has written on different websites, the emphasis of HOW to do things. Theres a lot of imparting of knowledge further telling me the owner might be a C. Quality and reliability is often emphasized. For S personalities, there will be an acceptance and inclusion. WE are in this together. How can WE help and serve? Etc. I personalities will exude enthusiasm and fun! Let me show you a local company called Plateau. I went to the Company and Our Management section. I know David somewhat since he was the 2017 Chamber president and I’m very involved there. I knew pretty fast that he is a C personality. But notice a few words here: CONSISTENTLY MAINTAINED, EXCEPTIONAL, 100% RELIABILITY, UNEQUALED, COMMITMENT. These words are the language of C personalities. I also see COMMUNITY and SUPPORT a lot telling me he has some S too making him a CS combo possibly. So I know to not push, go to fast, hype anything, be overly enthusiastic, or be vague. I also know that C personalities need more time for decisions. But if I speak to someone at Plateau I know to highlight quality, reliability, excellent customer service, etc. and how I can help them in that area. The blue shirt can speak to several things. But blue quietly says TRUST and SECURITY. Its also a color for C’s and S’s. 
  3. Now take the owner, current CEO, or past owner or CEO like the founder (especially if dead like Steve Jobs) and start Googling. The past founder sets the DNA of the company but the current CEO if a replacement will add their unique personality like Tim Cook of Apple. Search for videos and photos. Here’s a big clue: if you can’t find hardly any photos or videos of the owner, the company is either not large enough or that’s a clue you are dealing with a C. I found ONE video for Camping Maxx and there was no talking and hardly any people. Just demonstration. LOL. But look at Truly Social. She has to be an I. A C or S would probably rather die than have a shaved head, all the colors, and all of the excitement. So in their videos, pics, and blog posts are they concise and informative, fun and humorous, or warm and accepting? Are they TASK FOCUSED or PEOPLE FOCUSED? Videos are really awesome if you can find them because you can see how fast or slow they talk, how animated or monotone, and whether people or task focused giving you huge clues.
  4. Look for keywords like I revealed early but also look for WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHO. Each personality style wants specific questions answered and will often approach life the same way. For example D styles want to know why and when. C’s want to know why and how. If you don’t see those words, look for them anyway meaning a D will describe the WHAT SOMETHING IS and WHY YOU SHOULD USE THEIR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. A C will describe HOW TO DO THINGS AND WHY. An I will be all about the WHO and HOW FAST YOU SHOULD DO IT. The S will be about HOW THIS WILL IMPACT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS (THE WHO).
  5. Go to their social media next if possible. Again C styles will be ghosts. You will not know much more about them personally. LOL. D styles will be very opinionated and forceful. I’s will have tons of funny things. And S’s all about family and friends. Notice the clothing, smiling or not smiling, etc.

Step 5 is crucial especially if the business is a franchise. Franchises have the original DNA of the founder but each is owned by a separate individual that might be different. You can still grab the franchise culture but try to discern the personality of that particular franchise owner you are dealing with.

And finally you might try to discern the fascinate advantage. Remember these are:


For example, back to Camping Maxx. I see TRUST and ALERT. 4MAT is POWER for sure and maybe INNOVATION. Steve Jobs was POWER for sure but the feel of Apple is INNOVATION and PRESTIGE. Amazon is TRUST whether that was the intention or not. It’s just as important to know your fascination advantage as well. 

Use Your Clues to Develop Strategy

‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
— Sherlock Holmes

The final step is to develop your communication strategy based on the clues you gathered. Focus on SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS AND ADDRESSING THEIR NEEDS not SALING YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. Be CUSTOMER OBSSESSED. Don’t sell yourself. This is so important. If your potential client feels you are just trying to sell them a service, you will lose them. It must be tailored and personalized to that client. C’s will want data and percentages. D’s will want you to get to the point. S’s will want some personal details about yourself. And I’s want fun, fun, fun! They love SHINY, NEW THINGS. 

Now I had my husband look at the personality snap shot that’s in my GET INSIDE YOUR CLIENT’S HEAD IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS and look at two areas PRIORITIES and YOU WILL NOTICE and then look at the pictures and key words on the about pages of some sites. He was able to peg each personality within 60 seconds with 95% accuracy. 

Before you implement the 5 steps above, you must get the workbook GET INSIDE YOUR CLIENTS HEAD IN 10 MINUTES OR LESS at my site if you don’t have it already and apply it to the COMPANY PERSONALITY. It was designed for individual personalities but it can easily be applied to this strategy as well. And you can use it for churches, non profits, as well as businesses. 

In closing, become a Sherlock Holmes in dealing with your clients not a Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson saw the obvious and made conclusions based on his own biases. Sherlock Holmes was EXPERT AT IDENTIFYING HIS OWN BIASES–I.E. THE MEMORIES IN HIS BRAIN ATTIC THAT MIGHT INFLUENCE HIS PERCEPTION OF A PERSON OR SITUATION. 

Take the time to get inside your client’s head and see and hear things based on how he or she thinks and is designed. This will give you an edge that all the Dr. Watson’s out there don’t have. 

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Sherri Wilson