The Power of Words



Welcome! I want to thank everyone who came to the first Fast 45 Lunch and Learn. I had so much fun and hopefully shared some simple and strategic things to produce lasting and effective change.

Today I want to discuss the POWER OF WORDS. I have a short video for you to watch that will communicate what I want to say more powerfully and then I’ll give some tips for all your written content or what’s called copy.  

But first, I want you think of two words: pink elephant. 

Ok, did you see the actual words PINK ELEPHANT or did you see a pink elephant? Words create pictures in the minds of those who read or hear them. WRITE YOUR COPY IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU PAINT A PICTURE THAT ENGAGES THE IMAGINATION AND THE HEART and TAPS INTO YOUR POTENTIAL CLIENT’S DESIRE. 


1. Choose words carefully. Listen to this sentence and tell me which one sparks a stronger emotion and word picture. “I’ve reduced the cost of my course 50%.” Or “I’ve SLASHED my price 50%!” Slashed carries more punch. Like you can “see” the price tag being slashed in half! 
2. Engage the senses. Use words that engage or describe the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.  This takes your copy from boring to memorable.
3. Precise parts of speech. Verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives. You want to use vibrant verbs and avoid passive voice. You want zing and zip with your verbs. You want people to TAKE ACTION now. Use adjectives sparingly. Use comparisons like metaphors or figurative language. And pay attention to your nouns. Instead of using dog, you can say Golden Retriever, mutt, black lab, or Chihuahua.
4. Use synonyms. is a great resource to help you pick a more precise word or find something that’s not as overused or tired as some words. Make sure you look up the definition of the word though so it for sure communicates clearly your thought. I also love this handy reference, “Words That Sell.” It’s broken up by Grabbers to get people’s attention, descriptions and benefits of your product or service, clinchers to persuade to action from your client, and added strategies.
5. Don’t sacrifice your style. You have a unique voice in both verbal and written content. One thing I do is I write my copy freely first and then go back and change out a few words to add imagination impact. But be authentically you.
6. Now this tip isn’t so much about the writing but how the words fall on the screen. Research tells us that people will read your content if the text is narrower. Add a few bold or larger headlines and you’ll increase chance of all your text being read 95%.

Movies have come a long way since the early days. Technology allows producers to add incredible explosions, car chases complete with unbelievable crashes, and superhuman physical feats like jumping, spinning in the air while shooting the cut and stabbing a few people using the other hand mid air and then landing with everyone dead around you. 

But it’s the small touches and attention to detail that really grabs our imagination and touch the deepest parts of our emotions. You don’t need a masterpiece or over do it with this word thing. Just a few discerning changes will take your copy to the next level.  

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Sherri Wilson