The Life of the Party Client



Hi! Welcome to this week’s training. I’m Sherri Wilson, an introverted entrepreneur that trains and empowers other introverted entrepreneurs and business owners in the art of persuasion and influence to communicate your message confidently and create the life and business you love.

Today, we’re going to continue our discussion of the different client types you’ll encounter in business. Two weeks ago I discussed the BOTTOM LINE CLIENT and you can listen to that training or read the transcript on my blog at…Sherri with an I and Anne with an e.

This client type is I on the DISC scale but I want to give you memorable names to help you in your business interactions. 

Ok, let’s dive into the LIFE OF THE PARTY CLIENT!

This client is:

  1. Fast paced
  2. People focused
  3. Outgoing
  4. Enthusiastic
  5. Expressive
  6. And a lot of fun
  7. WHEN and WHO

I want to give you to sure clues to spot the LIFE OF THE PARTY CLIENT: 1) bright, unusual socks and 2) bright, unusual hair colors and jewelry. 

Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.
— Charles M. Schwab

Look at the socks people! If I meet someone that’s dressed very conservatively, maybe for their job or whatever reason) but their socks are colorful and have interesting graphics, I know that are probably a LIFE OF THE PARTY personality. 

Another clue is they leave 4-5 voicemails because they get cut off repeatedly because they just keep talking. LOL!

This client type loves visiting, motivating others, and working with others and with teams. They are definitely extroverted and can talk loud with lots of hand gestures.

Now focusing can be difficult for this client because they can be easily distracted and talk in circles making following the conversation difficult at times. I always, always add 1 and half hours to my appointments with this type of client. And I ask a lot of questions to make sure I’m following and to refocus my client. 

Recognition is important to this type. They want recognition for their awesome sense of humor, style, work, and basically everything. Using the phrase, “I appreciate…” is a great way to fill their recognition tank.

The LIFE OF THE PARTY client type REQUIRES open communication and admiration. They want to know about you! And they like touching you! So if you are more private and don’t like being touched, this might be hard for you. 

They tend to not care much about details. Instead they are motivated by the new and fun things like new technology or new products that they can be the first to use. The KEY IS TO HAVE FUN AND VISIT WITH THEM. 


·     Offering enthusiasm

·     Taking action

·     Building relationships

Motivated by:

·     Social recognition 

·     Group activities

·     Friendly relationships


·     Social rejection

·     Disapproval

·     Loss of influence

·     Being ignored

You will notice:

·     Charm 

·     Enthusiasm

·     Sociability

·     Optimism

I’ve always had a duck personality. Calm above water, feet going crazy below.
— K. Flay

·     Talkativeness


·     Impulsiveness

·     Disorganization

·     Lack of follow-through

My best advice is to enjoy them! If you’re super reserved, private, analytical, quiet, and detail-focused, you will have a rough time with this type. But relax! Ask a lot of questions to make sure you get the details you need, add in the extra time to your appointment, and focus on the new and novel products, services, and ideas you have!

If you’re a Bottom-Line person, you probably won’t like sharing any personal details with them. But they will want some but they love talking so probably won’t hear you anyway as your response triggers another rabbit trail of conversation. LOL.

Ignoring them can be a trigger so don’t do it. It’s hard to get this type irritated but ignoring them, not laughing at their jokes, and being too reserved can be annoying for sure.

Well! That’s it for this week! If you want to watch this and future training live, join our private FB group at and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @introvertedentrepreneurs!

Sherri Wilson