The Certainty is King Client



Hi! Welcome to this week’s training. I’m Sherri Wilson, an introverted entrepreneur that trains and empowers other introverted entrepreneurs and business owners in the art of persuasion and influence to communicate your message confidently and create the life and business true to who you are.

This week, we’re finishing up the final client type, the CERTAINTY IS KING client type or what is C on the DISC assessment. Let’s dive right on in!

This client type is:

  1. Slower paced
  2. Task focused
  3. Analytical
  4. Reserved
  5. Precise
  6. Private
  7. Systematic 
  8. Conscientious
  9. HOW and WHY

When I saw that certainty is king, I’m not exaggerating. Making the RIGHT decision is more important to this type than any other type meaning they will take a lot of time to reach a decision. That time will be spent researching all the details, asking tons of questions, and then researching some more. I’ve seen this type take 1 plus years to make decisions!

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.
— Aristotle

This is important for you to know because this type cannot be pressured. Talking to fast or pressuring them will aggravate them, shut them down, and possibly cause them to do business elsewhere. What you can do is use words that convey certainty like warranties and ongoing support. If you do, you must make sure you follow through. This type is the most prone to buyer’s remorse. If you don’t give a quality product with quality aftercare, you’ll definitely see this client move on.

The KEY with this type is to provide all the information and details they request and answer their questions. But realize that all of this is a SAFETY FACTOR for them. They’re not trying to drive you insane or questioning your competency. They see safety in answers. 

What I love about this type is their attention to detail. They see things that all the other personalities miss. And they are regulatory meaning they want to follow the rules to avoid trouble. If you’re a rule breaker or have trouble with all the little details, get this client type in your life or on your team! 

This client type’s trust currency or language is RELIABILITY with STANDARDS that ensure CERTAINTY. Reliability is being on time, answering their questions, following through, and ensuring that the standards you promised are kept. 

The certainty is king client is not gregarious, chatty (at first at least), or particularly warm and friendly. They have a wonderful sense of humor, but you won’t see it until they are comfortable. 

They have very high standards so quality is the queen for this type. When presenting your product or service, emphasis the quality and the quality it’ll bring to their life. If you do that, you’ll probably get a decision faster. 

They aren’t that big on sharing personal details. In fact, they’re very private. Get to business after some brief pleasantries unless you sense an even combo type with the slow and steady type from last week. 

BOTTOM LINE and LIFE OF THE PARTY types need to be patient! They might call you with tons of questions, ask for detailed reports, and be so precise that you feel you’re giving them knowledge so much that you can’t do your job. And you might have to communicate that to them. 

If you’re a LIFE OF THE PARTY type of person, you might feel very uncomfortable with this type because they will not give you recognition, compliments, or want to visit. In fact, they might just stare at you making it hard to read them. Plus you’re not as detail focused as them and can feel challenged when they ask for all those pesky details. Plus the fast-paced can frustrate them. Slow down, get down to business and details, and you will be just fine.

Here are a few more things you should know.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility.
— W. Edwards Deming


  1. Ensuring quality
  2. Emphasizing dependability
  3. Displaying competency

Motivated by:

  1. Opportunities to use expertise or gain knowledge
  2. Attention to quality


  1. Criticism
  2. Slipshod methods
  3. Being wrong

You will notice:

  1. Precision
  2. Analysis
  3. Skepticism
  4. Reserve
  5. Quiet


  1. Overly critical
  2. Tendency to overanalyze
  3. Isolates self

Well! That concludes our client type series. Again, I want to encourage you to learn this stuff! It helps me so much and my clients that master it! 

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Until next week, be empowered in who you are!

Sherri Wilson