This Might Be Why You're Struggling


Being an entrepreneur is tough. Being an introvert + entrepreneur is even tougher! 

Because building a business isn’t easy, introverted entrepreneurs MUST HAVE TWO THINGS or you will struggle for years and possibly quit. 

If you’re watching this, it tells me you might already be struggling so I’m going to give you two things you must have in your business, especially as an introvert. 

Before keep going, can you make sure you DM me your questions, too, so I don’t miss any and can answer them after we get done. We’ll have a Q & A if needed but want to get to them all.

  1. Must really love and believe in your product or service. We’re not very good at faking it. Any smidgen of doubt steals motivation and confidence when presenting your product/service. Question to ask: Is it lack of skill in presenting or I just don’t love it?

  2. Must develop your own sales style Educate? Storytelling? Testimonials? Demonstration? Presenting with slides? 1 on 1? Small Group? Home? Coffee shop? You need to find your own style, which takes time and practice. Don’t copy someone else. Speak benefits not product. What problems does your product/service solve for your clients. Each problem is tied to an emotion. Identify it. Go to the inner problem.

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Sherri Wilson