The Complete Guide to Hiring the Right People

The Complete Guide to Hiring the Right People


“The number one reason my clients hire me is to help them hire the right people.”

Your brain naturally seeks trust and competency in others you work with or are looking to hire. Trust without competency equals mistakes, unhappy customers, and more work for you. Competency without trust equals distrust, anxiety, and suspicion.

The brain looks for trust first because it’s a survival instinct. If you can’t trust someone, his competence might put you in danger—loss of authority, loss of position, loss of clients, loss of job. 

In helping my clients, I’ve found that none of these are good things to look for when hiring someone. If a person is good at building rapport, you’ll automatically trust him even if not warranted. On the other hand, if a potential hire possesses competency (education, skills, and experience) but lacks emotional intelligence, you’ll “hire” problems with you, your customers, and the rest of your staff. 

I’ve developed and refined a system for hiring the right people. It’s not sure proof. But I can assure you that it will greatly reduce bad hires, save you money and time, and reduce stress!

This process works for minimum- wage jobs all the way to high-paying jobs. Know that the less you pay your staff, the harder it might be to find the right person. But it’s possible! There are good people out there that need the job you’re offering!

I’ve also provided you checklists to use pre-hire, mid-hire, and post-hire. 

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