Elizabeth | Rodan & Fields

Elizabeth is a student of my two-day seminar as well as five-week workshop. She loved the seminar so much that she decided to immediately sign up for the workshop! 

She is not only a Rodan and Fields consultant but also works at Dillards as one of their top salesperson. 

Watch her video testimonial and read her written one, which is slightly different. 

It’s so valuable. I really wished I had learned this a long time ago!

Main result?

The main result I had experienced from this course was that I learned a lot about myself. It helped me understand why I react to certain things the way I do, why I can be socially awkward at times and how to deal with it, and also how to be my best self with other personality types. It has been such a great help in my relationships as well. Work, clients, family... I really feel like because of learning about different personality types and about my own, I am more at ease with other people. Especially at work! It has really blessed me.


Three benefits?

I want more activations! Really fun!

First, personality types as I have mentioned have been such a huge break through for me. With my clients or perspective clients, I can tell right away what kind of personality they are and how to communicate clearly with them to better serve their needs. I have one prospective client that needs a lot of details and facts to reassure her and before that would have freaked me out and I probably would have gotten impatient with her, but now I can feel relaxed and excited because I know what she wants and needs and I can really help her. Second, emotional intelligence has been very, very, very good. I am much more self aware of my feelings and triggures and that has helped me greatly in how I respond to stressful situations. I am able to separate my feelings and think logically about them and break them down. Why am I feeling this, how do I respond? Those kind of things used to throw me and I would react to things wrong or shut down. I honestly feel very empowered because I am in control of how I feel. Third, knowing body language! I would be completely unaware of my facial expressions at times or my poster and my friends would ask if I was angry when I wasn't! Or because of my retail job, the fake robot smile would come out and I had no idea that it was causing discomfort. Now, I work really hard to keep my face and body in check. Also, when I am working with new clients, I am more aware of their facial expressions and body language and I can address it if maybe they look concerned or impatient. But, in a very subtle and diplomatic way.


Surprising result?


I was surprised at how quickly things shifted with relationships with other people. I feel a sense of freedom in the relationships with family, coworkers and clients because I don't worry as much about whether I am being clear about things or not. What I mean is that when having difficult interactions, I know how to deal with different personalities and settle things. For example, at my retail job if I have a coworker who gets upset about a miscommunication, I can diffuse the situation and resolve it without letting my emotions get in the way. I had one coworker who heard something from another associate the wrong way and became rather aggressive and I quickly calmed the situation down and explained things to her. She realized she was at fault and backed off. 


Favorite module?

Emotional intelligence was the most powerful module for me and also the most foreign. I am a fiery person and that can be a good thing in certain aspects and at the appropriate time, but learning how to step back from your emotions and get your mind clear was very useful. I really want to go more into this subject. I mean, I liked it so much I took this whole course twice!


What would you say to anyone considering this training?


If you want to grow as a person, grow in your profession, and discover the true authentic you that is inside, this is the right place to be! Do not talk yourself out of doing this, it is to valuable, it is to powerful to pass up. I know I will be a lifelong Genius Communications student. This training will impact every aspect of your life. Absolutely! Why do you think I did the class twice?!

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