Sherri Anne Wilson Business Strategist, educator, and hiring expert for introverted entrepreneurs and business owners and staff to increase profits, team dynamics, and customer service and retention

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Hiring or Promoting:

Hiring or promoting the right people is the number one reason I’m hired. Unfortunately, many hire or promote those they like, but I’m a non-partial third party with expertise in behavioral styles, body language, and body language that can help you hire the right person for the position and your team using my proprietary process. 

This package includes:

  • Research of each candidate

  • Assessment evaluation

  • Reference checking

  • Customized interview questions for your business

  • Up to three interviews

  • Creation of a “how to work with” sheet

The assessments look at three aspects of the candidate including behavioral style to make sure they’re a good fit for the position and for your current staff, TEAM style, and values style. I look beyond skill, education, and experience to emotional intelligence and HOW they work making sure it’s right for the position.

I sit in on the interview process watching for body language and any deceptive red flags. I’m also often asked to ask specific questions based off the assessment specific to any particular areas that might be possible sources for conflict or hesitation on the job.

The reference checking is a bit different than most as well, because, again, I have a specific goal of going beyond their skills and more into the behavioral and emotional intelligence of the candidate.

And, finally, the “how to work with” sheet is a quick overview of the supervisor’s behavioral style, specific things they expect, and how to best communicate with them plus any potential areas of misunderstanding and miscommunication.

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