Kristie | Makeup Artist

This is my daughter-in-love! She is also an incredibly talented makeup artist with an eye for detail and style balanced with a people-focused personality. She was one of my "test" students for the two-day seminar. 

She is also incredibly funny, which you will see in her testimonial video. I didn't edit as much out of her video either (well, actually half) because so many wonderful insights! 

The main result that I experienced from this training is how EASY it actually is to build trust between yourself and a client!

Main result? 

I never realized that knowing and being familiar with your client's personality type is actually so simple, but so useful. I work with women frequently for what for some is the most important day of their lives (weddings), and I strive to make sure that they ALWAYS feel like they are my top priority. In order to do this, building that trust is so crucial. With this training I'm able to immediately recognize their personality type to ensure that their experience working with me is exactly how they anticipate.

Three benefits?

The top benefit that I have gained since taking this training is recognizing my client's personality in order to build trust. A couple of other things that it has helped me most would be that it has helped me increase sales and negotiate. This all just brings me back to module 1: Personality Styles. THAT MODULE IS THE BOMB. Knowing personality styles is key!

Most surprising result?

The confidence that it has brought me within my business! I had NO idea how stinking important that all of this info is. It goes so much deeper that just learning basic communication facts. After taking this course, I'm much more confident when it comes to offering my business services.

Favorite module?

I learned SO MUCH from this course and the fact that it only took a total of two days is pretty phenomenal.

MODULE 1!!!!! Seriously. Module 1 is pure gold. They all are but, man, module 1 was da bomb. I feel like knowing each personality style really is the BASE and foundation to my business. This module basically introduces you to your client and shows you how to communicate with your client best, which then builds trust and relationship. This is the KEY to a successful business, and I honestly don't know how I've even made it this far without knowing such amazing information

Thoughts of instructor and suggested improvements…

First of all Sherri Wilson is THE BOMB DOT COM AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES CAN TAKE A SEAT. The only suggested improvements that I can think of would be that even though it was convenient to take this course over only two days, I know some might get overwhelmed with an info overload (I know I did at times)!

What would you say to anyone considering this training? 

DO IT. That's all I can think to say. lol!

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 

SHERRI WILSON IS THE BEST MOTHER-IN-LOVE EVER & I'm super grateful for this course. Sherri Wilson is a phenomenal business women with a genius mind. So much thought and effort went into this course and it does not go unnoticed. This course can literally SAVE your business, and it's all because a super awesome woman of God decided to put the work into this and make it into a valuable business plan for people like me. Not everyone wakes up and says "I want to build a business strategy that teaches people to break through their bubbles to gain charisma and likability so that they can have the success they dream of," but Sherri Wilson did.

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