Linda Washington | It works!

Linda took my two-day seminar as a "test" subject. :) She is a wonderful person, a mother of two, and a wife. She helps me train my personal training clients as well and is a joy to know.

As you can tell from her video testimony, which is slightly different from her written one, she is very relational and reveals that this training not only impacts  professional relationships but also personal relationships. 

My personal relationships have improved and in some cases relationships that were estranged have been reconciled...

Main result?

It was very helpful to me to understand why people interpret my actions differently than the way I intended. I am predominantly an "S" personality, which means I am very people focused and therefore try to connect on a personal level, but a "D" or "C" personality might interpret my actions as manipulative or intrusive and reject me. I have learned to react according to others' personalities and needs, not based on my own needs. As I have learned to negotiate based on their needs, they in turn react more positively to me and I am able to connect with them on a personal level in due time.

Three benefits?

Amazing training very well put together.

My personal relationships have improved and in some cases relationships that were estranged have been reconciled because I was able to understand them better and understand their actions and reactions. Learning to respect others' personality types and try to meet their needs based on their values has helped me to connect on a more personal level. I have also been able to read body language more effectively, to learn when to back off and "turn down" my enthusiasm, and to help others to feel more relaxed and open. It has also helped me be more conscious of my body language and the affect that has on others.

Most surprising result?

It definitely helped me to understand some of the actions of people closest to me. Understanding what is most important to them and being able to respond accordingly has been invaluable.

Favorite module?

I really enjoyed the videos and seeing others' actions and reactions. The videos of the serial killer were shocking. It was eye opening to watch his non verbal communication in slow motion. I would like to learn more about that.

What would you say to someone considering this training?

It is worth every penny. Others said this should be taught in college and I absolutely agree. Being able to communicate effectively with others is an invaluable skill. knowing what is important to them and respecting their needs will take you very far in career and family life.

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