Michael Mileg | Glass Doctor

Michael is a wonderful person who was part of the staff I trained at "Glass Doctor" in Clovis, NM. He was one of my favorites because he really took the training to heart, studied it, and applied it. 

What surprised me the most about his testimonial was that his favorite module was "Emotional Intelligence." Both he and his boss, Gene Porter, felt that module was very beneficial from a personal perspective but also that it'll save the company money in the long run due to increased customer support and happier employees. 

Website: glassdoctor.com/clovis

The main result for me had to be the awareness of another dimension, if you will, into the world of people around us.

Main Result: 

The main result for me had to be the awareness of another dimension, if you will, into the world of people around us. And this absolutely includes ourselves. I believe that most of the time we pass judgement on others without even knowing it, by forming an opinion about them based off of how they react to different scenarios in life against the way we would react, And we never really take into account the million dollar question. What makes US tick and why?

Three Benefits: 

1. Self awareness.
2. The open window to understand people around us.
3. A ton of tools to help me better communicate to others.

Most Surprising Result: 

I believe there is more than one....but the one that sticks out the most is finding out why I am the way I am. Having this knowledge empowers me to pin point and work on my weaknesses & struggles. However it also enlightens me to my strengths. This knowledge helps me find my place so that I can be most effective in this life. The cherry on top is the ability to see into this dimension of myself and have the direction to change who I am to who I want to be.

Favorite Module: 

They were all very beneficial to me because they all had their angle and, of course, fit together like a puzzle. I do have to say that module four, "Emotional Intelligence" was my favorite. Again it helped me to be aware of my short comings and why. The best way for me to describe this module would be a road map that leads me to overcome my biggest obstacle....ME!


Thoughts of instructor and suggested improvements:

I thought of our Instructor, Sherri, as OUTSTANDING in all areas of her training... very punctual, sharp, organized, discerning, personable, and sincere with her program. She loves what she does and it shows.

What would you say to anyone considering this training: 

I would say that it is a must for anybody who is trying to build a business that requires teamwork. Anyone who has trouble communicating professionally, socially, with family,etc., Anyone who has to work in or be affiliated in large group settings, and anyone who wants to be enlightened by this "dimension," which opens up a wealth of knowledge into the world of people.

Is there anything else you'd like to add: 

Thank you Sherri for being you! All in all this training is a great weapon to add to my arsenal for all areas of my life. Thanks again!

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