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This training is 15 hours designed for one thing: increase profit and improve customer service, satisfaction, and retention. Scheduling, length of training, and content are customizable to your needs. Everything included is my secret sauce of success and is perfect for all of your team but especially any introverts. You also have life-time access to all of the material online for each staff member. 

Training includes:

  • Personality Styles: This module focuses on how to recognize each personality style of your customers and use their trust currencies for communication to increase sales and customer satisfaction, service, and retention. This module also improves team dynamics and communication

  • Body Language in Business: Body language cannot be underestimated in business. The wrong body language can get you fewer sales, make customers defensive or even angry, and make you and your staff appear unconfident and incompetent. This module goes in depth of all aspects of body language, which is 93% of communication.

  • How to Flip the Like Switch: Building rapport is a science-based skill that can be learned. This module shows you and your staff exactly what to do individually and as a business to create rapport with your clients.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the number one predictor of success. If you do not have emotional intelligence, you can run off employees. If a staff member doesn’t have emotional intelligence, your entire team suffers and you lose customers. This is one of the most important modules in this course.

  • How to be a Lie Detector (optional): This is a fun, short module to help you spot deception.

  • Non-verbal Digital Strategies (optional): Your website is your first impression. Just the colors of your site determine if people will buy from you a whopping 90%! We’ll look at your site and make sure it’s just right for customer conversion.

Monthly Staff Training

One of my favorite things to do is conduct monthly staff trainings to reinforce your business model and increase your profits. If your staff has taken my Genius Communication course, monthly training reinforces what they’ve learned plus allows for customizable training solutions.

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