Sherri Anne Wilson Business Strategist, educator, and hiring expert for introverted entrepreneurs and business owners and staff to increase profits, team dynamics, and customer service and retention

Team Troubleshooting & Strategy:

You know that your team can make or break you. You also know it’s crucial to have the right people in the right job and that they get along. I can tell you by analyzing each behavioral profile along with each staff member’s values where potential conflict is or might occur, how to resolve and prevent conflict, and whether each staff member is in the right job.

This package includes:

  • Assessment evaluation for each staff member

  • Analysis of where conflict is or might occur

  • Evaluate current team issues

  • Strategy for resolving and preventing conflict

  • Feedback on any staff members that are in the wrong position and/or might not be a good fit for your team

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Biz Troubleshooting & Strategy:

Sometimes you hit a bottleneck or a wall in your business and need an objective outside point of view. That’s where I come in. I, first, sit down with you for an hour-long interview of your current problem (if you have staff, we’ll use an anonymous questionnaire to pinpoint hidden issues). Next, I’ll develop a strategy for your business followed up with one hour training or assistance in implementing.

This package includes:

  • You Are Here! Success Map Assessment

  • Hour-long interview of your current problem areas

  • Anonymous staff questionnaire to pinpoint hidden issues

  • Strategy development

  • One-hour training or assistance in strategy implementation

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