Sales tips and help for introvert entrepreneurs

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Hello, my new anxious introvert friend! 

I hope you had fun taking my quiz. But if you're a true anxious introvert, you're probably anxious about your results. ;) So let's get to it!

I’d say you’re like an Americano—simple and not too strong.

Flavor Snapshot 

You seek out solitude because you tend to feel painfully self-conscious and awkward around others. You're anxious before, during, and after an event. You go over things you said, could've said, and can't believe you said as well as things you did, could've done, and OMG! what have I done?! 

I used to be like you, my friend. I've trained myself to stop the replay (I share my secret below), but anxiety before an event is still there.

Before you get too anxious about your anxious introverted-ness, let's dive into your strengths. 

Your Delicious Strengths

Even though you tend to be anxious, you seek a peaceful and secure way of life and business. You're responsible, dependable, and thorough. You're able to see the "what ifs" that others miss. You're sensitive and kind putting the needs of others above your own.

Grande Size Tips

Anxiety is a huge problem for you and has probably hindered your success in some way. What I'm sharing with you are things I've practiced that've helped me in my business. 

One of the best things I ever did or quit doing was the constant questioning of myself after a meeting or an event. It was torturous and never helped. I just felt worse and less confident the next time. I literally decided to stop doing it and told myself, "What I should've said or done and could've said and done doesn't matter because it's over. I can't go back. So stop." After a while, I was able to look back objectively and make improvements without tearing myself down. 

You’re best served with a generous slice of New York cheesecake—a sweet and strong combo of goodness!

Your kind nature makes you vulnerable to being taken advantage of because you hate to say, "no." Some don't even realize they're taking advantage of you. You're just so dang reliable and accommodating! You must learn to say, "no." It'll feel weird at first and some might even be surprised or irritated, but, believe me, it's worth it! This is one of the most freeing things I did!

Your desire for peace will cause you to avoid conflict. Don't. Not addressing conflict can cause harm to you, your family, and your business. It'll be hard but it's necessary. Face it with courage or do it afraid. 

Your Sales Style

Ok, here's the deal. You probably won't like any sales presentation. Like most introverts, one-on-one or a small group is best. I'd definitely start with one-on-one in a pleasant, relaxed setting. You'll probably always feel pushy or insensitive approaching someone about your product or service. However, your kind and peaceful nature puts others at ease. 

Make sure you mix it with confidence in yourself and your product or service. If you're not confident, your potential client will feel it and won't be either.

Your Extras!

  • Your social anxiety can cause you to withdraw into your phone, the corner, or not go at all. You're probably always going to be nervous at social events. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. PRACTICE. It will get easier. Put your phone up and work the room

  • Practice your opening statement and interaction. Here's an example: "Hi, I'm Sherri," (with a genuine smile and confident handshake). Follow up with, "What do you do?" or "What brought you here today?" If you know how to start beforehand, you won't feel as awkward.

  • Many introverts feel rude or insensitive bringing up their product or service. Others are always looking for the "right" time. Still others dismiss approaching someone deciding they'd not be interested anyway. Realize that these are all excuses to avoid rejection.

  • Improve your social and communication skills through practice, reading or listening to books, online training, masterminds, and other helpful methods. If you see a weakness, strengthen it with knowledge and skill. 

Here's some of my favorite blog posts to help you stand out in your wonderful introverted-ness! 

Well, that's it! I hope you see how truly remarkable you are. I admit that your flavor of introvert can be challenging, but you can do it! Education and a support system of friends and colleagues is important for you in your journey. 

Download your PDF results!