What's Your Fizz?



Hi! Welcome to today’s training! I want to talk about your fizz. Yes, fizz. 

Sam Chand, a self-described "dream releaser," who works with pastors, ministries, and businesses as a leadership architect and change strategist shared powerful insight in a Christian business conference at Faith Life Now pastored by Gary and Drenda Keesse. 

He was discussing the importance of determining what makes your business or church stand out among all the others so you can fine-tune that in your marketing, strategies, direction, etc. It’s your SECRET SAUCE, the combination of your unique personality, fascination advantage, and skill set only you can bring. Since we’ve been discussing in recent training how you fascinate and using that to your advantage, I wanted to share his thought with you.

He said, “Let’s pretend this water bottle is a Coke. You open it up, get a drink, and set it down with the lid off to do something else. Hours later, you come back to your Coke only to find it’s now flat. Unless you’re a weird person that likes to drink flat coke, you throw it out BECAUSE YOU DON’T BUY COKE BECAUSE IT’S A COKE. YOU BUY COKE FOR THE FIZZ. What’s your fizz?”

In the past, marketing was throwing as much money as possible at airtime on television and radio to get that “top of mind” advantage. But with the Internet and the proliferation of products and services out there, you must now become a purple cow. 

Let’s say you’re a city guy or gal. You want to get away from the hustle and bustle. You hop in your car and zoom out of the city into the countryside filled with cows peacefully grazing and lounging in the grass. You feel the peace, contentment, and beauty and begin to relax. But after a while a cow is a cow. Grass is grass. And peace is…well…to peaceful so you head back to the hustle and bustle. But what if on the way back to the city, you see a PURPLE COW. Now that will make you stop and take another look!

Remember, better is not better. Different is better. What makes you purple? What makes you fizz? People don’t buy the Coke. They buy the fizz. People don’t buy your product or service. They buy your fizz. 

Watch these two vintage Coke commercials and tell me in the comments what they are actually promoting. 

Notice the words refreshing NEW feeling. Coca-Cola is bright and lively, adds more zest and has more ZING! High-energy, refreshing, new, zest and zing all describes the fizz. You now the fizz that gets you right here in the throat. If that doesn’t give you a zing, I don’t know what will. And notice their motto is, “Coca-Cola, sign of good taste” implying that you have good taste and coke tastes good. Now watch this next one.

Notice LIVELY LIFT after she’s been working hard all day. ICE COLD. CRISP. REFRESHING NEW FEELING. QUICK ENERGY. The “no more calories than half a grapefruit” is genius! Everyone knows grapefruit is the fruit people on diets eat! And then they suggest drinking it instead of eating something you shouldn’t. Now we know that soft drinks are very fattening. But the servings back then were smaller. Very smart move to emphasize weight maintenance at a time when being rail thin was the look. 

I have to say that Coco-cola and Pepsi might be similar in taste but no soft drink has that ZING like Coke. LOL. 

Now let’s move on to another purple cow that was genius! Prell shampoo. Watch this commercial.

The pearl is the purple cow. First pearls represented richness, luxury, and refinement. And then to show how fast it fell in the regular, peasant shampoo versus THE EXTRA RICH SHAMPOO (Prell’s motto) was a visual that everyone knew about when I was little. And pearl is close to prell so you immediately put the two together back then. The pearl “drifts through emerald green richness.” Notice how many times the narrator said LUXURIOUS. And sparkling clean. Didn’t leave you flat or dull, which they really promoted in later commercials. Now watch this one.

Thin versus thick. Luxurious. Lovely. Hair glows. Become anything you want. The smooth, sultry voice. Extra rich. Here we see the same idea of luxury and richness with the law of humor employed. I remember as a kid using the lather to turn my hair into different shapes! The child-likeness was a genius touch. And then to finish it off with the power of your beauty on your man was a great finishing touch. 

So what is Prell’s fizz? The extra rich or thick shampoo. They then took that fizz and communicated it brilliantly in these commercials. Even if you weren’t rich, you wanted to feel like it. Or at least you wanted your hair to feel like it. Shiny, luxurious, rich, fun, and clean. 

So what’s your fizz? If you focus in on your fizz, you’ll stand out in a sea of others who do what you do and maybe better.

Ask yourself: 

1. What is the BENEFIT of your product or service? People don’t buy products or services. They buy benefits.
2. What makes you purple? What can people find at your business, church, or with you that they can’t find anywhere else? 
3. And are you doing those things to a standard that makes you stand out?

Let’s recap:

1. Your secret sauce is your personality, fascination advantage, and skill set that makes you unique.
2. You must become a purple cow because different is better not better is better.
3. People buy your fizz not your product or service or the benefit they gain from doing business with you.
4. If you focus in on your fizz, you’ll stand out in a sea of others who do what you do and maybe better.

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Sherri Wilson