Be Inspired! What Would You Do?


Once, a young school boy was caught in a fire accident in his school and was assumed that he would not live. His mother was told that he was sure to die, for the terrible fire had devastated the lower half of his body. Even if he were to survive, he would be a cripple throughout his life.

But the brave boy did not want to die nor did he want to be a cripple. Much to be the amazement of the doctor, he did survive. But unfortunately from his waist down, he had no motor ability. His thin legs just dangled there, lifeless. Ultimately he was discharged from the hospital. But his determination to walk was indomitable. 

At home, when he was not in bed, he was confined to a wheelchair. One day, he threw himself from the chair and pulled himself across the grass, dragging his legs behind him. He reached the picket fence, raised himself up and then stake by stake, he began dragging himself along the fence, his resolve to walk undeterred. He did this every day, with faith in himself that he would be able to walk unaided. With his iron persistence and his resolute determination, he did develop the ability to stand up, then to walk haltingly, then to walk by himself and then to run.

He began to walk to school, then run to school, to run for the sheer joy of running. Later in college he made the track team.

In February 1934, in New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden, this young man who was not expected to survive, who would surely never walk, who could never hope to run – this determined young man, Dr. Glenn Cunningham, ran the world’s fastest mile.

An epitome of the power of positive thinking and faith in one’s self, Glenn Cunningham continues to be an inspiration for many, and his story, a brilliant testimony to how one can bounce back even when all odds are stacked against one, to the extent that death seemed the preferable option.


Do You Think You’ll Never Walk Again?

All of us have times in our lives that are so devastating that we wonder if we’ll ever be able to walk again. 

“We all experience times of testing, which is normal for every human being. But God will be faithful to you. He will screen and filter the severity, nature, and timing of every test or trial you face so that you can bear it. And each test is an opportunity to trust him more, for along with every trial God has provided for you a way of escape that will bring you out of it victoriously.”

1 Corinthians10:13TPT

The Bible tells us that testing or what some call temptation is not from God…ever. The source is the enemy of our souls. There are two types of temptation or testing—1) to entice to sin and 2) troubled times because of people. 

Here we have the comfort that we all experience tough times but God is faithful. He SCREENS AND FILTERS the SEVERITY, NATURE, AND TIMING of all trials. Unfortunately, people can sometimes cause problems that He never intended for us but each TEST IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO TRUST HIM MORE. 

And here’s where the promise gets crazy. With every trial He’s provided us a way of escape where we come out of it victoriously. That phrase “way of escape” literally means to STEP OUT of it. With His guidance, comfort, and wisdom, you can step out of your current trial and enter into a new life IF you trust Him. It may take some time but it will happen. 

What Can We Learn From Glenn Cunningham? 

1.    He refused to believe what others told him about himself. 

2.    He did whatever it took even throwing himself out of his chair.

3.    He did things daily that got him closer to his goal.

4.    He didn’t allow little progress or setbacks to stop him.

5.    He found joy in what was once lost—running. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

1.    What are you believing that are lies from others?

2.    What are you willing to do to turn your life or current situation around?

3.    What are daily things you can do starting today?

4.    And what will you find joy in once you are past your current situation?

Sherri Wilson