How to Confidently Close the Deal


If you’re truly an introverted entrepreneur, you know the most difficult part of sharing about your product or service is 1) approaching a person and 2) actually closing the deal by asking.

I used to go through an entire presentation when I sold essential oils and then get to the end when it was time to ask and NOT ask! Thank goodness most wanted to order because I was a good presenter but some left looking confused because it’s like stopping right before the climax of a story and you’re left hanging.

There are many reasons we freeze up at the ask. I think part of it is an unreasonable fear of “the no” because it feels like personal rejection. We also don’t want to seem pushy but you literally just spent an hour going over your awesome product. And if you don’t ask, you just wasted your client’s time.

Because you’re here with me live, I know that you don’t want to do that! So here are three things I have learned about closing the deal:

  1. I learned my client’s trust currency so I could present and ask in her preferred communication style. Short and to the point. Very detailed filled with data. More relaxed and personable. Fun and exciting!

  2. And then I learned to ask like this: “Where do you see my service fitting in your business? And if you don’t see it fitting anywhere, that’s just fine. I don’t take your “no” personal!”

  3. Here’s the key thing for you: YOU’RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO BITE THE BULLET AND ASK. That’s it. But asking it like I just showed you helps so much! 

If you truly believe in your product or service and genuinely care for your client, not asking is a disservice for your her. You have a solution to her problem. Be confident in that!

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Sherri Wilson