Sales tips and help for introvert entrepreneurs

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Hello, my new thinking introvert friend! 

I hope you had fun taking my quiz. If you're like me, you might've been surprised to discover that there are four different introvert types (what I like to call flavors). Knowing yours helps you build a business true to who you are.

Let's dive in with your results.

I’d say you’re like an Macchiato—short (single espresso) or long (double espresso) because you like variety.

Flavor Snapshot

Your flavor is thoughtful, introspective, and self-reflective. You tend to be "dreamy." And, no, I'm not trying to bring back a 1950's term to describe how cute you are. ;) You like to daydream using your wonderfully creative and imaginative mind. 

Your Delicious Strengths

You don't mind social events, typically, but you do mind boring. You're an original and creative thinker. You love ideas and theories and can be chatty if discussing a topic you're passionate about. Other than that, you might wander off into your daydream and seem a tad unsocial as you happily gallivant around in your head unaware of your surroundings.  

Your thoughtful and introspective nature helps you to be more emotionally intelligent than some introverts (and extroverts for that matter). In other words, you're sensitive to the emotional state of those around you. You're adaptable and laid back making others feel nice and comfy around you. In fact, people tend to share their life story with you. 

You live and conduct business by a well-developed value system and expect others to as well. In fact, not much can anger you unless your value system is violated.

You have an ideal way life and business should be that can sometimes put pressure on yourself and not allow for growth. An ideal is defined as "something that only exists in the imagination." Pursue excellence not idealism. Excellence is doing the best with what you have while actively seeking to go to the next level in life and business.

Grande Size Tips

Because boring is torturous for you, you'll have to be especially aware when you start zoning out and into your own thoughts. You know what it feels like...your eyes start glazing over and loosing focus while your smile is frozen in place.

Your best served with almond brittle—a short and intense combo.

I tend to zone off as well. I'll use head nods, ask questions, and play what I call "hide and seek." Basically, as I'm listening, I'm seeking out hidden needs and desires to discuss and help with or hidden gems in conversation that I can use to ask a question or continue the conversation. It really does help me not to wander off in my thinking. 

Because you're so creative, keep a notebook nearby to write down all of your ideas and theories. Filter each one through your 90-day goals. If they don't add to or get you closer to your current goals, shelve them for now. Test your ideas and theories before introducing them to your clients to make sure they really work.

Your Sales Style

One-on-one or a small group is often the preferred style for most introverts. For you, I'd add some creativity and fun. Thinking outside the box is your specialty. Use it! You have the potential to take a boring, expected presentation to an exciting and fun event with unexpected surprises.  

Use your wonderful emotional intelligence skills with your clients. The slightest change in expression or tone can be clues for how you need to adapt and respond. Your laid-back nature sets your clients at ease. They feel your genuine desire to help and know you're not going to pressure them into a sale. 

Your Extras!

  • Play hide and seek! Seriously. It works. It's rare I zone out now. This technique keeps your mind happily engaged.

  • Conduct experiments. Your inquiring mind wants to know! If you have a theory, test it. I can't tell you how many Ted Talk speakers and movers and shakers in business started with a question or idea that turned into a multi-million dollar business.

  • Learn your core values so when triggered you can respond instead of react.

Here's some of my favorite blog posts to help you stand out in your wonderful introverted-ness! 

Well, that's it! I hope you see how truly remarkable you are. The more you embrace your flavor, the more your business will grow! People want their problems solved, and you're good at that.

Download your PDF results!