Your website is now your client’s first impression of you. Let me explain…

Your client hears about your business from a friend or business associate. What do they do? They immediately Google you or go to your website if they have it. They’ll then decide whether to do business with you based on what they see.

For example, the colors on your website are the number one factor for purchasing your products or services! Do you know if your colors inspire the correct emotion for what you want them to do on your site once there? Is your site easy to use? Clean? And tastefully designed with relevant content?

There are many more factors involved in creating a website that creates customers. I’ve developed a system that makes designing your website easy and fun for you. I’ve also developed a system that allows us to tap into the emotionology of your target customer that not only creates a great first impression but also inspires trust that you’re the one they should do business with!



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