Facebook Marketing Training


The Nitty Gritty of Facebook ads Part 1

Learn how to build a Facebook ad from start to finish. In part 1, you’ll learn how to setup your Facebook Pixel, the difference between boosting and sponsored ads, how to setup a Facebook business page strategy, how to schedule posts, and the kind of content you need to create and curate. Bu the end of this series (that I conduct at the local Chamber of Commerce), you’ll have an ad ready to publish!

The Nitty Gritty of Facebook Ads Part 2

Facebook video viewing has now surpassed YouTube! On to pop that, 71% of Facebook users who watch marketing videos say the ADS they watch are relevant! And 60-70% go to your website! In part 2 of this training, you’ll learn how to do live streaming and pre-made videos, including using a teleprompter, what you need to get your customers in your store and/or build an email list, and more.

Three Crazy Easy Facebook Analytics Tools

In this training, I show you the three easy tools I use to see what type of posts my fans like, when my fans are on Facebook, and what posts my competitors’ fans like! I then use this information to create and schedule my content for the next month! It doesn’t take a lot of time but is very valuable data for you to maintain a relevant and entertaining Facebook page!