Facebook Marketing Training


The Nitty Gritty of Facebook ads Part 1

Learn how to build a Facebook ad from start to finish. In part 1, you’ll learn how to setup your Facebook Pixel, the difference between boosting and sponsored ads, how to setup a Facebook business page strategy, how to schedule posts, and the kind of content you need to create and curate. Bu the end of this series (that I conduct at the local Chamber of Commerce), you’ll have an ad ready to publish!

The Nitty Gritty of Facebook Ads Part 2

Facebook video viewing has now surpassed YouTube! On to pop that, 71% of Facebook users who watch marketing videos say the ADS they watch are relevant! And 60-70% go to your website! In part 2 of this training, you’ll learn how to do live streaming and pre-made videos, including using a teleprompter, what you need to get your customers in your store and/or build an email list, and more.

Three Crazy Easy Facebook Analytics Tools

In this training, I show you the three easy tools I use to see what type of posts my fans like, when my fans are on Facebook, and what posts my competitors’ fans like! I then use this information to create and schedule my content for the next month! It doesn’t take a lot of time but is very valuable data for you to maintain a relevant and entertaining Facebook page!

One of the best ways to build your email list!

Online quizzes are fun and easy to create! People want to learn about themselves and quizzes cater to that desire and serve as a jumping off point to your valuable resources that show off your expertise. In this video, I take you from start to finish—selecting and researching the topic, developing your questions and results, and setting up your quiz for free!

the nitty gritty of content creation for fb ads 1

In this training, you’ll learn how to create beautiful branded graphics for your Facebook page and ads. You’ll also learn how to create engaging videos using wrapr.com. In the next video, we’ll go through using Camtasia to create your videos, but if you need simple videos, wrapr.com can be a great option.

the nitty gritty of content creation for fb ads 2

In this video, you’ll learn how to use my FAVORITE program to edit my videos—Camtasia! I demonstrate creating the Gary Vee progress bar, closed captioning, and engaging text that STOPS THE SCROLL! After that, you’ll learn how to write great copy that grabs your potential customer’s attention!