Sales tips and help for introvert entrepreneurs

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Hello, my new social introvert friend! 

I hope you had fun taking my quiz. And my flavor, like yours, is social introvert. Let's dive in with your results.

I’d say you’re like a yummy white chocolate latte—perfect combo of sweet, strong, and expressive.

Flavor Snapshot

Your flavor is the most common flavor when people think of an introvert. You don't mind socializing but prefer a cozy group of friends and family. You love spending time alone with a good book or on your computer. You're not shy meaning anxiety isn't the root for your love of small gatherings and alone time. 

Your Delicious Strengths

You're not socially awkward and can be comfortable around people. But sometimes starting the conversation can be a tad nerve-wracking, especially with strangers and at networking and social events. 

You're naturally curious about people and seek out meaningful connections between people and ideas. You're a great listener and always happy to share your insight. You have many interests for stimulating conversation. Chit chat is a mystery to you and is almost like a pesky fly that you try to shew away as fast as possible to get to the “meat of the matter. 

Even though you can be social when needed, large crowds of strangers can cause some anxiety and a desire to hide in your phone or take a friend with you. You just don't want to be "the one" standing awkwardly alone.

Your ability to connect people and ideas makes you a great strategist for your clients. You develop a clear vision for your client, organize the details and how to execute it, and then decisively carry it out. You're quietly forceful and focused, which is great, but it can be intimidating. 

Grande Size Tips

Because chit-chat and small talk can be difficult, practice your opening statement and interaction.

Here's an example:

"Hi, I'm Sherri," (with a genuine smile and confident handshake). 

Follow up with, "What do you do?" or "What brought you here today?"

You’re best served with a cinnamon swirl—a delicate spice to go with your light flavor!

This approach can sometimes eliminate small talk and get you into more meaningful conversation quicker.

Most love to talk about themselves so some insightful and safe questions can really get things going. But be careful with the more reserved people. They don't like being questioned, especially about personal details, and can view it as being interrogated. Instead, look for any signs of passion about a topic and ask questions about that. 

Sales Style Recipe

One-on-one and small groups are better for you when presenting your product or service. Due to your many interests, you might experiment with educational and hands-on presentations. Your knowledge (that often includes random facts that most don't know) can make educational meetings fun and interesting.

But I want to challenge you to expand your group size. Practice presenting to larger groups and maybe conducting some seminars and trainings. If you know your topic, you'll easily slip into teaching mode after the initial sweaty armpits, dry mouth, and flip-flopping stomach that's always there before you start. I always get hit with nervousness. 

If I can do it, I know you can! 

Your Extras!

  • Practice smiling! I literally smiled genuinely every time I walked into a room in my house. I then "graduated" to smiling at complete strangers every time I was running errands. Now it's second nature. I don't even think about it.

  • Craft your elevator speech in such a way that it evokes emotion or curiously to get the conversation rolling and become a splinter in your hearer's mind.

  • Create a story toolbox. This is a collection of interesting/humorous stories to have on hand. Keep the titles, bullet points, or entire story in your phone for quick reference at an event. Weave them into the conversation when you can.

  • Be aware of your intensity if you're particularly passionate about a topic.

Here's some of my favorite blog posts to help you stand out in your wonderful social introverted-ness! 

Well, that's it! I hope you see how truly remarkable you are. The more you embrace your flavor, the more your business will grow! People want authentic, and you're really good at that.

From one social introvert to another, death to chit chat! LOL!

Download your PDF results!